3 hours - Detailed walking tour through the Vyšehrad castle and fortress

Eventhough the Czech myths and legends are saying that the Vyšehrad castle is older than the Prague Castle, it's not true. Vyšehrad was an important part of the defense of southern part of Prague. And for a short while, the residence of the Czech kings used to be there. Afterwards during the 17th century a big baroque fortress was built there and it's still visible from the whole city. Now it's a quiet place with parks and beautiful views.

Houses built in the Cubism style are situated just beneath the Vyšehrad castle - a unique architecture style is a hidden treasure of Prague.

(Basilica of Saint Peter and Saint Paul: 130,- CZK / 70,- CZK)

The Tábor and Leopold's gate - the Rotunda of Saint Martin - The fortifications and casemates - The Basilica of Saint Peter and Saint Paul - The Vyšehrad cemetery - The Cubist architecture beneath the Vyšehrad castle