3 hours: Detailed walking tour concentrating on the Palace Gardens of Lesser Town

Is it possible to enjoy greenery, unique architecture and splendid views without the big tourist crowds? Yes, it is! During this tour the aristrocratic gardens in the neighborhood of the Prague Castle will be explored. The majority of these gardens has a terrace character so expect some stairways but the beautiful views of the city are a great reward for walking up and down. The baroque appearance corresponds well with the well-preserved historical Prague. Perfect for architecture, garden and photo lovers who want to enjoy hidden gems with awesome views without crowds.

(Gardens: 50 CZK + 160 CZK / 130 CZK + 0 CZK + 130 CZK / 100 CZK)

Great Fürstenberg Garden - Palace Gardens - Wallenstein Garden - Vrtba Garden

Please note, during sudden bad weather (heavy rain, storm) the gardens might be closed for safety reasons. One of the gardens belongs to the Parliament of the Czech Republic (Senate), so it can be closed for technical/security reasons such as official state visits.

This tour is available from April till October when the gardens are open. The gardens are closed during the winter season.