Let's combine a history sight and a stunning river views in one trip. The Konopiště chateau was constructed as a medieval castle in the late 13th century. The owners changed couple of times and they also rebuilded it in a chateau. In 1887 Konopiště was purchased by Franz Ferdinand d'Este who renovated the chateau into its present appearence and spent here quite some time until his assassination in Sarajevo in 1914, with this event the WWI started... Approximately 18 km / 11 mi from Konopiště flows the Vltava river through a beautiful scenery and forms meanders with breathtaking views. Enjoy nature just a short distance from Prague!

(fee - per adult: Konopiště chateau 180-250 CZK - some guided tours are just in Czech, but I'll interpret for you)

Daytrip from Prague - 7 hours (guided tour at the chateau, short hike, all together 6-8 km / 4-5 mi)

4.000 CZK / 180 USD / 160 EUR for guided service + cca 4.800 CZK / 220 USD / 195 EUR for transportation costs

Please note, the Konopiště chateau is closed on Mondays and during the winter season from November up till March.