Do you want to get out of the city of Prague to beautiful countryside with a fairytale castle? Then the visit to the Karlštejn castle is your choice. The Karlštejn castle is considered as the most important castle after the Prague castle, place where the coronation jewels had been kept for many years. It also featured in many Czech movies and fairytales. This trip is operated by a regional train to show you local way of life (and to keep the transportation costs to minimum).

(fee - per adult: Karlštejn castle 330,- CZK)

Daytrip from Prague - 5-6 hours (guided tour at the castle, short hike for a great view - all together cca 6 km / 4 mi)

3.500 CZK / 160 USD / 140 EUR for guided service + cca 175 CZK / 8 USD / 7 EUR for transportation costs (train and tram) 

For this trip, the transportation costs are of course per person

Please note, Czech castles are often close on Mondays and during winter depending on the months.