The city of Karlovy Vary is an interesting spa town in the West Bohemian region. The Mattoni mineral water comes from this area. The importance of the minerals was well known since the Middleages, that shows a very long tradition of wellness, baths and wells. At the colonnades, there are many springs and anyone can taste it.  As many other locations, Karlovy Vary is a great movie location for Czech and international film industry, 007 Casino Royale included. The city is base of Moser crystal glass, Becherovka herbal liquer and Thun porcelain. Just 10 kilometers / 6 miles from Karlovy Vary lies the medieval town of Loket with a big 13th century castle, preserved ramparts and picturesque houses. Definitely a must trip to the Czech countryside!

(fee - price for adult: Moser Crystal Glassworks 80-180,- CZK, Becherovka museum 120,- CZK, Loket castle 110,- CZK)

Daytrip from Prague - 10-11 hours (including 4,5 hours drive)

5.000 CZK / 230 USD / 200 EUR per guided service + cca 6.000 CZK / 275 USD / 240 EUR for transportation costs 

The Loket castle is open every day all year long. Moser Crystal Glassworks are open every day except for main public holidays.