Let's get away from the big crowds to the beautiful Czech countryside that is literally the Bohemian Paradise. It's a protected landscape area approximately 90 km / 55 mi Northeast of Prague. During a hike between and at the top of sandstone rocks you'd be able to enjoy breathtaking scenery and why there are so many castles and chateaus in the Czech Republic. It is also possible to visit a castle and some castle ruins during this trip (the exact location depends on the date and season).

The hike is always in a good and safe area, following the official hiking trails, no chance of falling down if respecting the paths.

Please wear comfortable hiking shoes and layers of clothing. It's also recommended to have a snack with you.

Daytrip from Prague - 8-9 hours (including 2,5-3 hours drive)

4.500 CZK / 205 USD / 180 EUR for guided service + cca 5.500 CZK / 250 USD / 220 EUR for transportation costs

Please note, during the winter season the castles in the countryside are generally closed.