The town of Terezín is connected to the sad Czech history. Terezín was constructed as a fortress at the end of the 18th century and during WWII it became a concentration camp (in the sence of a ghetto - to concentrate the Jews, not to eliminate them - there were no gas chambers). But because of its location just about 60 km / 40 miles north of Prague it became more or less a transit stop to Auschwitz. In Terezín was also a Gestapo prison located. Nowadays Terezín hosts a Jewish memorial and museum dedicated to the people and their destiny during the Holocaust. 

(fee - price for adult: Terezín Memorial 215,- CZK)

Daytrip from Prague - 6-7 hours (including 2 hours drive)

4.000 CZK / 180 USD / 160 EUR for guided service + cca 4.000 CZK / 180 USD / 160 EUR for transportation costs 

Please note, this tour is not suitable for children below the age of 15 and people with anxiety issues.