3-6 hours walking tour - this private tour concentrates on locations where famous movies were filmed

Prague has been very important for the film industry since the Barrandov movie studios were established in 1921. Even though the so-called European Hollywood was behind the iron curtain for four decades, its restart after 1989 was superb. Many great movies have been filmed here. The city is often shown and almost plays the leading role. Due to its well preserved historical centre and many interesting buildings, Prague can also stand in for Vienna, Zurich, Paris, London and even Miami or New Jersey. During this tour we'll follow the footsteps of Tom Cruise, Jon Voigth, Geoffrey Rush, Sir Sean Connery, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton, Samuel L. Jackson, Matt Damon and much more! It will be possible to compare all the places with photos from the movies.

Prague castle district - Lesser Town - Old Town - New Town (basically the entire city centre)

For the big movie lovers and admirers of Prague it's possible to do this tour as a full day tour with all the little details.